Forbes: The Health Reform Vulnerable Americans Really Need

Jan 19, 2017

Oliver Wyman’s “Right Place, Right Time” study was featured in Forbes.  The study, which was developed in conjunction with Altarum Institute with support from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, highlights the challenges vulnerable individuals face when accessing health information and identifies a major disconnect between the health information needs of vulnerable populations and the marketplace perceptions of those needs.

Oliver Wyman partner Helen Leis was quoted in the article saying that many vulnerable Americans, don’t know how to use the Internet effectively to find the health care information they need. “They’re not terribly sophisticated when they search,” said Helen Leis, partner, Health & Life Sciences at Oliver Wyman. “While other consumers might Google the name of a procedure, or a doctor quality review by ZIP code, these consumers Google something like: ‘I need a doctor.’” That kind of scattershot approach, says Leis, “gives them a lot of noise.”

At the same time, healthcare executives surveyed weren’t surprised to learn that health information isn’t getting to consumers adequately, said Leis. But they were stymied about how to fix the problems. “They know the information needs to be more tailored and personalized, but they’re not sure how to do that or what it means,” said Leis.

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