Singapore Case Competition


What is the Oliver Wyman Case Competition (OWCC) 2019?

OWCC 2019 is a business case competition for undergraduate students in Singapore who are actively considering or interested in exploring a career in strategy consulting. Organised in conjunction with Singapore Management University and its case club, Cognitare, the competition is designed to challenge students to solve a consulting problem whilst working in a team.


What do you get out of it?

1.     A real challenge

  • Explore a real life business situation
  • Challenge yourself to fresh thinking in an established industry
  • Work in a team
  • Compete with your peers

2.    A chance to win a prize. The winning team will receive

  • All members of winning team to get a guaranteed final round interview opportunity when applying to Oliver Wyman for a consultant/internship position.*  
  • All members of winning team and 1st runner up team will be invited to an exclusive networking dinner on 4th October 2019.
  • *Any students not in their penultimate or final year of study will be considered for the next interview process they are deemed eligible for in 2021 and 2022 depending on their graduation date.

3.     What do you need to do in order to participate

  • Establish your team (consisting of 4 people, no more and no less)
  • Register (please use our registration link; CVs are mandatory)
  • Collect and study the “Oliver Wyman Case Pack”
  • Wait for the Case Release on 6th September


Who is eligible to participate?

Undergraduate university students from the following Singaporean universities:

  1. Singapore Management University
  2. National University of Singapore
  3. National Technological University
  4. Yale-NUS College
  5. Singapore University of Technology and Design

What constitutes a “Team”?

  • 4 undergraduate students, who can be from different universities
  • Team Captain (this person will be the team’s designated point of contact)
  • All students must be fully registered (CVs are required for the registration)

What are the milestones/key dates of the competition?


  • Information Session
    • There will be an information session on Friday 23th August, 16:30 – 19:00 Hours at the Oliver Wyman Singapore Office
    • Details about the case competition will be shared and students can also expect to hear from Oliver Wyman consultants on their experience working in a management consulting industry.
    • Click here to sign up for the information session. 
  • Registration (online)
    • Deadline for registration: 23:59 Hours, 2nd September 2019, Monday
    • Please be mindful that only complete applications will be considered. Applying earlier allows us to advise you if something is missing
    • Teams will receive a response upon receipt of the application
  • Preliminary round
    • Case release time: 6th September 2019, Friday, 1700 hours
    • Case submission deadline: 8th September 2019, Sunday, 2359 Hours.
    • Teams will be given a total of 55 hours to crack the case.
    • Submission guidelines:
      • A total of 20 slides, excluding the cover slide, will be allowed. “Thank you/Q&A” slides are not necessary.
      • 20 slides should include all appendix slides (i.e. the submitted deck will ONLY contain 20 pages) 
      • The cover slide must contain the team name. University name shall not be mentioned by any of the team members to the judging panel at all times (before, during and after presentation prior to announcement of results). Submissions that contain University names or Team Member’s names will be disqualified.
      • An executive summary slide that outlines the overview of the issues and strategies should be included as one of the 20 slides
      • Teams are free to utilise all book and internet resources, including various databases, to crack the case. However, all sources must be cited appropriately
      • Teams should utilise Microsoft PowerPoint for their submission, and ensure that their slides are compatible with Microsoft 2010 edition. The organising committee will not be responsible for any formatting changes upon viewing
      • Submissions are to be done through email to with the subject title “OWCC 2019 Preliminaries: Team Name”. Teams are to title their submission slides as “TeamName_Prelimaries.pptx”. Teams are required their slide deck in 2 formats:
        • PDF
        • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 compatible formats
    • Only the first submission will be accepted. Please double-check your slides before submission.
    • Late submissions will not be considered
  • Semi-Finals
    • A total of 16 teams will be selected for the Semi-Finals
    • Teams will be given 15 minutes to present followed by a 10 minute “Question and Answer” session by the judging panel
    • The same presentation deck will be used at preliminary vetting and semi-final presentation
    • Presentation venue and timings will be released at a later date
    • Attire is strictly business formal
  • Finals
    • Teams selected for the grand final will be given 1 hour to amend and improve their slides based on feedback given by the judges. Teams will be given 15 minutes to present by a 10 minute “Question and Answer” session by the judging panel
    • Presentation timing and venue of the grand finals will be released at a later date
    • Attire is strictly business formal

Who can I contact with questions and what kind of questions are permissible?

  • We will not answer any question that might give teams an advantage in solving the case
  • We will only answer questions in relation to logistics, submission/ rules clarification, and in understanding the case material.
  • All questions are to be sent to the Oliver Wyman Case Competition 2019 email: