Oliver Wyman lets you be who you really are, no questions asked.

Valentín - Senior Consultant

What attracted you to Oliver Wyman?  

I think Oliver Wyman has three attractive things:

1. Fast growth – challenging projects and talented people are the perfect combo for high paced learning

2. Inclusion and Diversity – they let you be what you really are, no questions asked

3. Real global approach – exposure to different ways of working broadens your mindset and prompts openness


How has OW supported your career goals? 

It has taught me two very valuable things, how to learn fast and be efficient at work in order to achieve the main goals, and determination to push through completion. I think going forward, these two items will have enormous impact on my development, whether at OW or beyond.



Marcelo Trigo, Principal in the Mexico City Office has been my career advisor and he always seems to know the answers for all the questions. Once, when faced with a particular Development Objective, he shared his personal framework which I effectively apply ever since.


Life Outside Oliver Wyman

I co-founded a NGO that focuses in promoting education in rural regions around Mexico. Although lately I have only dealt with the admin. side of it, my dream is to work full-time at some point in promoting education, as I believe it could single-handedly change the world.