Oliver Wyman is a community of individuals with unique abilities that have come together to create an impact.

Nitzie - Global Mobility Specialist
The Global Mobility and Security department at Oliver Wyman ensures that Oliver Wyman’s employees can travel cross-borders to conduct business without any problems by providing the required immigration documents. We also ensure that our employees are safe while attending cross-border functions/events that occur on behalf of Oliver Wyman. In the event of an unexpected hazard (natural or otherwise) we ensure that our employees feel safe and accounted for.



Why Oliver Wyman?

I joined Oliver Wyman because its business values were compatible with my own personal values.  Most importantly though I would say that I joined Oliver Wyman because of the people. Everyone with whom I spoke with was very engaged, encouraging, friendly and caring.  To this day, after 3 years at Oliver Wyman I can still say that the people is the best part of Oliver Wyman.  It is a community where you create bonds that encourage you when you are in doubt of yourself but also challenge to some healthy competition to build up one another.  


Success at Oliver Wyman 

Oliver Wyman is a community of individuals with unique abilities that have come together to create an impact not only in the industry but also in the individuals that work at it. Everyone that I have worked at OW has made an impact in my career. I think that every interaction at OW has made an impact in my career. Everyone has unique values, perspectives in different areas and knowledge and if you show a bit of curiosity and open-mind they will be more than happy to take the time to share such with you.

However my team’s managements has definitely made the most impact in my career. My immediate managers have always taken the time and provided me with the resources to develop my career. From day one they have trusted my abilities and that I will exploit the information provided as much as I can possibly do. They do not only see my curiosity as something that may be passing by but rather see it as an opportunity to provide new information to open doors to satisfy my curiosity. 


Milestone at Oliver Wyman

My biggest milestone at Oliver Wyman has been to have had the opportunity to create my unique role within the team. I started as a database administrator but now I process immigration documents across the globe, I am in the security space and I also manage the projects to better the team’s processes.  This is thanks to the support of my managers and the experiences with my co-workers. Which reinforces the idea that success at Oliver Wyman is being able to think outside the box, to create your own path, help build others as part of your development and never stop reinventing yourself by learning new things.