With a diverse workforce and constant interaction with staff, I have developed nice friendships here.


Career journey

I started my career in the Philippines as a graphic artist in a multimedia solution provider specializing in CD-ROM publishing and web applications creating flash animation, graphic user interface and marketing materials. After a few years I became an Art Director for a company in the middle of a rebranding. I was their first (and only) in-house designer with quite a scope of responsibility ranging from creating all new advertising materials…to creating graphic user interfaces (GUI) for a software development kit…to developing a website and newsletter. I then worked for a top university in the Philippines where I created GUI for educational interactive CD-ROMs and trained staff on Adobe Photoshop and Web Design. When I moved to Dubai thereafter, I was looking to join a company that provided global exposure, would expand my knowledge/skills and also allow me to work with talented people in a diversified culture. Oliver Wyman was (and is still) the answer. I joined as a junior staff member and now manage the dtp+ operations in Dubai.

Memorable work

My first ever project when I joined Oliver Wyman was not simply to format slides and create a presentation deck. I was asked to create an interactive flash presentation for one of the top telecommunication companies in the Middle East. I believe that my greatest contribution to our department is that the success of this project widened channels for other specialized dtp+ services. The company realized that dtp+ had the capability to do more than the usual PowerPoint and Word formatting projects.

Unique culture

We had a dtp+ manager meeting in London and it was great to finally see the entire team together in the same time zone. We have 100+ skilled dtp+ staff globally and we chat regularly since work gets routed amongst offices to service the firm around the clock. To have the opportunity to sit together meant everyone was no longer a ‘virtual teammate’. Working together, we discussed the different cultures and diverse local practices so we could offer the best service to our clients—the global staff of Oliver Wyman. My time at the company has helped me grow professionally, gain social skills and be more creative. With a diverse workforce and constant interaction with staff, I have also developed nice friendships. Lastly, since I love traveling, the company events and meetings in other countries are bonuses.