Being surrounded by some of the brightest, most ambitious and talented people in the world has definitely impassioned me to continue to push the envelope and grow as an individual.

Ankur - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?I still don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up – and that’s ok. In fact, that’s a big reason I entered consulting in the first place: to have the flexibility to explore, travel and grow.

Why this firm, in particular? A couple of things….

  • First, I was attracted by the idea of being a part of a rapidly growing company. There are ample opportunities, people are energized and the firm invests in its staff’s success.
  • Second, the people are fantastic. Oliver Wyman has a perfect mix of creative / analytical, high energy / relaxed, and funny / not-so-funny…but all around ambitious, compassionate and welcoming individuals.

Real Work, Right Away

My first assignment was a brand strategy project. It was extremely interesting. We helped our clients rethink the way they approached measuring and improving the health of their brand; the impact of our work went straight up to the C-suite. Right from the start I got to own a lot of the analysis and strategic thinking. Halfway through the project, my manager had to leave for a new client initiative. Suddenly, I was the SME (subject matter expert) on the team. That meant I was able to expand my responsibilities -- leading client meetings, directing analyses, and organizing the execution. It was challenging, particularly because it was my first project, but I was able to quickly learn and adapt. I am really proud of the contribution I was able to make.

Unique CultureBeing surrounded by some of the brightest, most ambitious and talented people in the world has definitely impassioned me to continue to push the envelope and grow as an individual. Partners, consultants, support professionals—they all become friends, mentors, colleagues and everything in between. There are many at Oliver Wyman who make you feel that your contribution is special, that your voice matters and that together we can change the firm (and the world) for the better.

One of the most memorable illustrations of this occurred during my first “OW Day” – every quarter, each office convenes to formally engage on the firm’s progress in client work, internal relationship building, participate in training and partake in office-wide social events. During this OW Day, a consultant relayed the story of our beloved janitor’s house burning down and how the office came together to raise money for her. She was able to start to rebuild and reconstruct. It literally brought tears to my eyes and, in that moment, I knew I had joined the right firm.

Outside of Client WorkI try to be pretty active at the company. I’m a firm believer that having diverse experiences helps us to learn and grow (and, frankly, be more interesting). My main focus is on recruiting and GLOW – our network for LGBT+ colleagues and their allies. Both of those are very important to me, especially because I was scared about being openly gay when I was applying to firms. I honestly thought being open would hinder me. During my OW recruiting process, I connected with a consultant who was an out professional, also active in GLOW. As a newly-out kid in college, worried about succeeding in the professional world, he helped me see the rainbow light and I haven’t looked back since. Little did I know that diversity is celebrated and even sought after, and I couldn’t be happier about my acceptance here. I want to be able to pass this message to closeted and / or out applicants: It really does get better.

Beyond GLOW and recruiting, I’m active on the social committee, perform non-profit work and organize a lot of events for colleagues in my class. By providing a fun place to work, Oliver Wyman helps me balance professional and personal. The firm is also very active in the community by organizing, sponsoring and attending a series of events and projects outside of our normal work. Because of that I’ve been able to pursue activities that matter to me; I really feel like I’m making an impact.