There’s something very empowering about looking at both your career progression and personal growth every 12 months and realizing how much you’ve accomplished.

Karim - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?

I have always been impatient and I consistently seek new challenges.  Coming out of a highly theoretical engineering degree, I joined Oliver Wyman, in large part because of the potential to work on tangible problems with inspiring and diverse teams.  Oliver Wyman struck me as a place where I could further develop my skills and build a network of extraordinary individuals who have a genuine interest in helping me grow.  Because of the regional staffing model, the network effect here extends beyond office environments and project teams.  Also, given I am still at the beginning of a journey of self-discovery, I liked the idea of exploring different career paths within the firm and OW continuously provides exposure to new content areas, industries and client environments.


Real Work, Right Away

Client exposure and high levels of autonomy are, for me, the most revealing indicators of fast career development because of the stretch opportunities they often lead to.  After working for 3 months on a rapid restructuring project, I met with the most senior client executives.  This taught me about the relationship between pure strategy and practical implementation, as well as how we, as a firm, are perceived and respected in some of the most complex work environments.


Unique Work Environment

To my mind, a sustainable career is about balancing work and life and being able to establish priorities and explore personal interests.  One of the unique offerings of OW is the ability to spend several months at an organization consultants feel passionate about. As part of this initiative, I recently returned from a 4-month Non-Profit Fellowship (NPF) with Think Equal, an educational non-profit creating youth-focused social and emotional learning (SEL) programs to combat discrimination. This personal journey was about nurturing my curiosity about the extraordinary world we live in and my passion for education; discovering and understanding new cultures; and most importantly, discovering and understanding myself.

Outside the NPF, OW is helping me figure out what works well for me and how to be disciplined in making it happen.  Too often our overachieving selves want to be involved in everything and we over extend.  The caliber of people at every level here is exceptional, which pushes me to think in unconventional and creative ways, and helps me better understand myself and the kinds of people I like to spend time with.  I’ve also learned how to be more agile and embrace every challenge with an open heart and an open mind.  After all, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.


Outside of Client Work

Projects are fulfilling and represent significant growth opportunities. But in my opinion, some of the most rewarding experiences involve extracurricular initiatives, mainly because of the strong friendships they foster and the constant reminder that our culture is truly unique.  Given the relatively smaller size of the Montreal office, consultants are constantly encouraged to take on greater responsibilities outside of client work and create new initiatives.  I currently co-lead the EmpOWered employee resource group and lead our social impact initiatives for the office.  I am also significantly involved in our campus recruiting efforts.  It is inspiring to see young, motivated people starting to develop their individual perspectives on their future career in consulting.

We invite you to learn more about our Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.