Oliver Wyman Iberia Case Competition


The OW Iberia Case Competition 2019 has brought together 95 teams from 34 different universities across Spain and Portugal.

In this 5th Edition, the students have competed hard to solve our consulting business cases and a team from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) has become the winner, followed by a team from ICADE and another from Tecnum on the second and third place respectively.

Congratulations to all for the hard work and creativity and looking forward to next edition in 2020!

What is the Oliver Wyman Iberia Case Competition?

  • The OWICC is a business case competition for students who are interested in exploring a career in strategy consulting
  • The format of the competition is simple. You will be given information about a real-life business situation and will be asked to provide advice on what should be done and, of course, to argue for your advice. As in real life, you will not work alone. You need to establish a team of like-minded colleagues to cooperate with you.

What do you get out of it?

A real challenge:

  • Explore a real-life business situation
  • Challenge yourself to fresh thinking in an established industry
  • Work in a team
  • Compete with your peers

A chance to win a prize:

  • The winning team will be automatically invited to interviews entering the recruiting process and win a traditional hi-tech prize for each team member.
  • There will be prizes also for runners-up, and the judges' favorite presenter

How to Participate

  • Establish your team and a team captain (nominated as your point of contact)
  • Register (please use our registration link; CVs and transcript are required)
  • Start working and aim for winning

What makes an eligible team?

  • Teams should consist of between two and four members.
  • You must be a student of any Bachelor or Master in a Spanish or Portuguese school.
  • You must be business fluent in Spanish or Portuguese and English.
  • You are not studying in a professional Master like a MBA.
  • You will graduate between 2020 and 2022 but you are at least in your second year of studies.
  • All students must be registered (CVs and Unofficial Transcript are required for registration)
  • Previous OW interns or employees are not allowed to participate.

What are the milestones of the competition?

  • Deadline for registration: 13th February 2019, end of day (Madrid time)
  • Please be mindful that only complete applications will be considered; applying earlier allows us to advise you if something is missing
  • First stage (online):
    • Commences on the 14th February 2019. Case material will be sent to teams during the day.
    • Deadline to submit your team's recommendation: 24th February 2019, end of day (Madrid time).
    • We will announce and communicate the finalists on 11th March.
  • Final stage (Oliver Wyman office):
    • The final round, will take place in our office on Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid on Friday 22nd March.
    • There will also be a canapé and drinks reception nearby, on the evening of Thursday 21st March.

Rules and Logistics

  • All presentations, documents and stages will be conducted in English.
  • During the first phase, teams will be able to use any media or source they like to solve the case with the following limitations.
    • The Power Point presentation containing their solutions should not exceed the slide limit specified in the case they will have to solve
    • Any additional slides to the limit specified in the case will not be considered when evaluating the teams´ solutions
  • During the second phase, teams will not be able to use any additional sources outside of those provided by Oliver Wyman, except for their laptops. i.e. teams will have no access to internet.
    • Presentation of the solutions will have to be done in English and be a maximum of 15 minutes
    • After the presentations, there will be a Q&A session between the judges and the presenting team
    • Teams will be able to use a Power Point presentation as support during the presentation of their solutions, however this is optional


For the first phase, Power Point presentations should follow the rules stated in the Case (once it is released) itself.

High level agenda of the final round will consist of:

  • Welcome dinner for the teams who have qualified for the final round on Thursday 21st March
  • Introductory breakfast before the second phase on Friday 22nd March
  • 3 hours solving the case with an additional 1.5 hours of presentations.
  • Networking lunch with judges and other consultants
  • Open audience presentations of the final round
  • Farewell Happy Hour
  • Teams should bring their own laptops and pen drives.
  • Any necessary transportation and accommodation costs will be expensed by Oliver Wyman

Who can I contact with questions and what kind of questions are permissible?

  • We will answer questions in relation to logistics and understanding the case material
  • We will not answer questions which give you an advantage over other teams in solving the case
  • Send your questions to


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