Oliver Wyman

Immediate impact, continuous challenge

Who We Are

There is a spirit at Oliver Wyman that you will find nowhere else

We are an entrepreneurial company where individuals create new futures for our clients, our company, and themselves.

Visit an Oliver Wyman office anywhere in the world and you will feel it: the buzz of people who are doing work that matters with a sense of purpose. There’s no corporate mold to fit and hierarchy doesn’t get in the way. Better ideas win and everybody is encouraged to contribute. Join us if you are excited by unfamiliar challenges and at ease working across cultures. You’ll find interesting people who laugh easily, speak their minds and measure success by what gets accomplished, not how many hours are worked.

New consultants can make their mark here straight away.  The variety of projects that you work on will extend your skills and compress years of industry experience into months. Before long, you will create your own unique role within our diverse partnership and form your own teams and cultivate clients.

Our Impact

A one-of-a-kind platform to change how the world works

At Oliver Wyman, consulting is practical, not academic. We are here to produce lasting impact for clients.

Clients bring us their greatest challenges – problems that global companies, non-profit organizations and even government institutions can’t always solve without outside expertise. Oliver Wyman assigns teams of experts to tackle each part of these complex problems and develop new solutions that change what’s possible for our clients, their industries, and society.



A seamless global organization.We assign the best people for each client project, regardless of where they are based. Our staffing model means clients get our best people, and consultants get more opportunities to learn, build worldwide networks, and often forge lifelong friendships.


What kind of impact do you want to have?

Oliver Wyman is a heterogeneous mix of people who learn from each other in every encounter.

Who work together to build a great company, and who share what they know with the world. If you see a better way to accomplish something, or make our company or community better, you'll find colleagues who will rally to your side.

Out-of-the-box thinking and deeply specialized expertise enable us to have extraordinary impact. Here are some examples.