Oliver Wyman was a great apprenticeship in strategy


Your role spans market segments and technologies. How did that happen?

I started when the Internet group was pretty new so my role was an “everything” role in marketing, product management, technology, and strategy.  Over time, I found a lot of opportunities for new challenges and roles.  

Tell us about the shift from consultant to virtual banker

It’s different in that most of my time is spent on getting strategies implemented. I am much better at strategy development now that I understand the complexity of implementation.  I also get to see the results.

Is there an OW skill you use all the time?

Honestly, it is the PowerPoint/presentation skills.  My mom was a writer and she liked to quote that good writing is good thinking. In the strategy world, good PowerPoint is good strategy.

How did OW prepare you for life outside of the firm?

Oliver Wyman was a great apprenticeship in strategy that I have continued to build on.  The strategy skill set I gained is even more valuable inside a job since most companies have very few strategists.  The ability to quickly understand analysis, frame a strategic issue, and craft a strategic story is highly prized, and is best learned at places like Oliver Wyman.  I also still have my bubble chart excel macro from my analyst days so that is a very tangible example of Oliver Wyman helps me now that I work outside of consulting.

What do you miss?

I worked with a lot of great people at Oliver Wyman. I often run into folks I worked with and sometimes we even get the opportunity to work together again, which is the best.