Highlights of global reach and value to clients
Highlights of global reach and value to clients

Surface Transportation

Highlights of global reach and value to clients

Highlights of global reach and value to clients:
• Large North American railroad: Organized and led an intensive multi-functional process improvement/cost-reduction initiative. Involved multiple Oliver Wyman/client teams, each focusing on a discrete functional area. Within 4 months, identified significant improvement opportunities and commenced implementation. Result: More than $100M per year in savings realized
• Confidential investment client: Conducted a valuation of two recently merged South American railroad systems to support our client's bid to purchase the combined rail system
• European freight railway: Developed a network redesign and marketing/pricing strategy for the intermodal business and restructured the infrastructure services division
• European passenger railway: Reviewed and restructured the entire international distribution network and systems in order to dramatically reduce sales and distribution costs for international markets, and push Internet sales to capture new markets
• North American motor carrier: Advised on corporate financial targets, assessed the competitive positioning of the firm’s portfolio of subsidiaries, and developed a comprehensive business plan
• Largest North American bus transit company: Developed a roadmap for the future, including a new business design in the core activities, development of new business initiatives to grow the revenue base leveraging existing assets outside the core. Undertook a series of performance improvement initiatives to dramatically improve the client's structural costs, i.e.: local operating model re-design, purchasing effectiveness, and organizational re-design