OW Capability: Manufacturing Operations

Operations Performance

We implement highly impactful solutions to boost the performance of operations and achieve superior results.

The in-depth expertise and broad experience of our teams allow us to challenge conventional thinking and develop practical solutions to accelerate operational improvements with high returns.

Operations Excellence

We help our clients gain a sustainable competitive advantage by making operational improvements. We have three main offerings:  

Multisite Transformation: improvement and turnaround transformation of operations adapted to complex environments and generating high impact and sustainable results

Technical Leadership Solutions: applied problem-solving methodology to systematically diagnose and correct complex technical flaws, in both product and process

Network Optimization: optimization design of supply, production, and delivery networks as well as production footprints balancing flexibility, efficiency, and costs

Engineering & Product Development Performance

We help our clients significantly improve their engineering and product development performance and achieve rapid and sustainable results. We have three main offerings:

Product Development Performance: efficiency improvement of the engineering system and reduction of the product and process costs during the development phase

Disruptive Cost Innovation: fast-paced high-impact product and process (re)design methodology to consistently reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Critical Recovery Launch: integrated set of solutions to effectively launch key projects or implement successful recovery plans for crisis situations

Operations Risks

We help businesses assess and manage all kinds of risk -- from safety risk to regulatory compliance, and from quality risk to the financial and delivery risks of large capital investment projects.

We embed a risk-focused culture in organizations and help improve the performance of our clients’ capital investments.

Operations Performance Insights