OW Capability: Manufacturing Operations

Digital Operations

Digital industry is drastically transforming the way industrial companies will operate in the future.

Oliver Wyman believes that digital’s true value lies in the capability of firms to achieve end-to-end integration of processes, advanced technologies, and data analytics to drive smart decision making.

Our team of experts works closely with industrial companies to design and implement the digital roadmap for their operations and achieve their strategic ambitions.

We offer clients a unique combination of hands-on experience in manufacturing and engineering with a portfolio of advanced analytics and software-based performance improvement solutions.

Advanced Analytics Applied to Manufacturing & Engineering

We combine techniques such as exploratory and anomaly analytics, predictive modeling, and simulation or machine learning with engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide manufacturers with a new set of solutions to achieve strong short-term operations benefits.

Digital Strategy for Operations

We help our clients understand how digital is about to disrupt their operations, where the value creation is shifting to, and how their R&D, supply chain, and plants operations will need to evolve. We help them develop the capabilities, skills, and behaviors they need in their employees, and we design the best route to take to outrun the competition.

New Digital Business Designs for Operations

We drive the transformation of industrial business models by using a combination of data, software, and advanced technologies to capture shifting value spaces.

We design and conduct the transition from product-based support business models to service offerings.

Digital Operations Insights