Catherine Brown

Partner, Financial Services
Catherine specializes in conduct and culture, strategic compliance, and governance & accountability and regulatory response, and works predominantly with leading banks, asset managers and industry bodies.
In 2010 investment banks faced the daunting task of responding to thousands of pages of post-crisis regulatory reforms – some final some yet uncertain, overlapping, conflicting, and impacting virtually every part of the investment bank’s business and operating model front to back. My work focuses on making order out of this type of chaos by helping my clients find pragmatic solutions to complex, multi-dimensional or unstructured problems. Over the past five years I’ve led much of our work on conduct in financial services – different in nature, but just as challenging with a significant downside to getting it wrong.

Prior to joining the firm, Catherine spent many years in investment banking and fixed income, starting at Salomon Smith Barney / Citi, before moving on to Lehman Brothers. She holds a BA in Mathematics magna cum laude, an MSc in Operations Research and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

As well as growing up in six different countries, she has lived and worked in London and New York and travelled far beyond. Her diverse experience has equipped her with a deep understanding of, and varied perspectives on, the challenges that face global organisations.

I grew up in very different countries moving every one to two years. My diverse upbringing is a huge part of who I am and what I love. It’s made me bold, resilient, optimistic, and curious.

Catherine lives in London with her husband and daughter and enjoys painting, home DIY, and food.