Andrew Chadwick Jones

Partner and Global Health Team Leader, Health & Life Sciences
Andrew Chadwick-Jones is a Partner at Oliver Wyman’s London office, specializing in health delivery systems. He has been at the firm for 17 years and in that time has worked on over 150 client engagements.

Andrew’s areas of focus include:

  • Innovation in new integrated care models and their adoption by providers and implications for payers—for example: ambulatory “factory” models, complex integrated cancer models, and frail elderly models.
  • Performance improvement in hospital systems, ranging from traditional cost reduction through to implementation of new care models and growth initiatives.
  • Public-private partnerships (often between new entrants and the NHS), including joint development of the clinical operating blueprint, quality assurance systems, and financial structure.

Some of Andrew’s recent engagements include:

  • For a leading European oncology clinic, created a growth plan to increase the size of the business by a factor of 10. The work focused on codifying clinical excellence (their competitive advantage), identifying the most attractive target markets, and planning the development waves necessary to address them. The team also built toolkits to enable rapid replication of the infrastructure with no loss of quality and the retention of the company’s unique culture of patient-centric care.
  • For a leading provider of single specialty ambulatory clinic services, devised a new market-entry strategy to roll out their very focused high-efficiency and high-quality service offerings. A key goal was to validate whether their service offerings would be economically viable in different market environments (local revenue and cost implications). The effort also focused on developing public-private partnerships to deliver services.
  • For a leading U.S. global private hospital group, created an expansion strategy by identifying attractive market segments and developing care models to address the segments. rolling out a detailed implementation plan to realize the opportunities. The effort was so successful, some of the identified care models were adopted in the provider’s home market, transforming their standard of care.
  • For a physician-led clinic, developed an innovative fee-for-value offering for their insurance partners. The work investigated the ability to reduce the overall cost of patient care through, for example, better integration of different treatment modalities, greater adherence to EBM guidelines, disease screening programmes, better supportive care, etc. The work identified cost savings of over 20 percent in some disease areas, with an associated substantial increase in patient health.
  • For a leading global health company, created a strategy to address the flu market in emerging markets, with a focus on some Middle Eastern countries. The work addressed the value of potential local government partnerships, as well as local manufacturing options to provide national supply security. The scope also addressed the trends in flu public awareness and the role of government versus private markets.

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman in 1995, Andrew won an exhibition scholarship at Christ Church, Oxford University, where he holds a BA and MA in Biological Sciences.