The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal Vol. 2

Risk Management

The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal Vol. 2

Perspectives on the Risks That Will Determine Your Company's Future

The capability to anticipate and analyze the impact of interconnected risks determines whether companies will succeed or fail. The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal is a collection of perspectives on the complex risks that are determining many companies' futures. This thought-provoking journal produced by our Global Risk & Trading and Financial Services practices contains 16 articles that provide insights on how senior executives can improve their company's performance by managing risks more effectively.

The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal highlights how emerging risks are developing into pressing threats. It also explores the urgent need for companies to develop more risk-aware cultures by clearly defining their risk appetites and then integrating risk management into their financial and strategic decisions across their organizations. Other perspectives examine how financial firms and many other companies can better manage new risks introduced by developments such as rising sovereign risk and increasing scarcity of financial resources.

In Focus


In an effort to assess the potential impact and likelihood of global risks over the next ten years, 469 respondents were asked to gauge the likelihood and potential impact of 50 risks on a scale of one to five. The chart below –  from the Global Risks 2012 report (published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Oliver Wyman) – summarizes the results and shows the full gamut of risks.

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