Matthew Sebag-Montefiore

Partner, Financial Services
Matthew Sebag-Montefiore joined Oliver Wyman in 1993 and is a senior partner in the London office. He has held various roles across the firm, including UK market manager, head of European Retail Credit and board member for the partnership.

He has worked across Europe, Asia and the US, with leading financial institutions.  Matthew has led numerous assignments across the strategy, funding, risk and operational spaces and has maintained a steady flow of publications on key topics – most relevant publications include The Real Financial Crisis – Oliver Wyman’s flagship publication in 2012, The state of European Bank Funding (2011), Responsible Debt collection (2012, jointly with the IFC), European Retail Credit  Payback time (jointly with Intrum Justitia), Who’s seaworthy in a perfect storm? (published in brief in HBR), Risk and funding in European Residential Mortgages, Financial Integration in the European Mortgage Markets and  Releasing Retail Capital.

Matthew has a broad CV and recent/relevant experience includes:

  1. Strategy
    • Bank Strategy – For a major universal bank, Matthew led a top-to-bottom strategy review covering market positioning, product range, pricing, operations, funding and servicing for the retail and small business lines - The client has used the work to continue on its strong growth track.
    • Pricing Strategy – For a major Scandinavian lender, Matthew worked with the client to develop a long-list of ideas both to change the pricing structures and to increase prices in market segments or product features where price elasticity was assessed to be low. This was key to the client maintaining their in-market presence and economics.
    • Sales Strategy - For a leading central European bank, Matthew supported the development of a new sales strategy, based on a detailed customer segmentation and product analysis. This was made possible by the customer level profitability system the project developed and implemented.
    • Matthew has led numerous line of business strategy assignments at banks across the globe.
  2. Risk and Funding
    • Credit management – Matthew led a review of a major credit card lender, leading to a radical cut of customer limits in 2006 saving substantial losses ahead of the downturn.
    • Liability – Matthew led the design of the Liability operating model for a crisis hit bank leading to centralisation of liability management and new skills and competences in deposit and wholesale areas.
    • Collections – Matthew led the collections re-engineering programme for a major UK lender, from diagnostic to delivery, resulting in a programme that was subsequently exported to their US business, which was larger than the UK, delivering $100MMs of impairment saving over 3yrs .
    • Balance Sheet Management - For a leading UK bank, Matthew worked with the senior management to optimise the balance sheet and balance sheet management practises, including exploring the level of asset sales and hedging.
    • Matthew has led many programmes of work across Europe from origination through customer management to collections and compliance covering risk and funding. The focus on his work is in short focussed studies to assess the state of play and in assisting clients to implement the recommendations efficiently in business processes to improve their own economics.
  3. Operations
    • Matthew has conducted many operationally focussed programmes covering Cost reduction, Channel and Proposition Design/Strategy, MIS Development, Commercial Pricing and Targeting as well as governance.
  4. Emerging Markets
    • For a credit card specialist Matthew led the strategy and customer targeting that set the company on a course for 5 years faster than market growth.
    • For a universal bank Matthew led the review of credit capabilities across both credit cards and other products.
    • For a universal bank Matthew led the retail strategy development which had cards at its core.
    • Matthew has worked extensively across Turkey, South Africa and selected Asian geographies.

Matthew Sebag-Montefiore holds a BA in Physics and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge and an MSc. in Economics from the London School of Economics, where he specialised in industrial organisation and microeconomics. Matthew was a senior scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge and graduated with distinction from LSE.