Oliver Wyman’s work for a major hospital system helped redefine the standard of cancer care in the UK. Our client told the head of an internationally renowned US cancer center that we had "changed his life."

Oliver Wyman partnered with a globally renowned, independent oncology clinic to build true excellence in cancer care, teaming with world-class cancer clinicians to create the vision for an integrated cancer services network.

Positive Outcomes
We led the design and implementation of "centers of excellence" for the treatment of cancer at a major hospital network, improving the quality of care for patients and benefiting physicians and payers.

We also developed an expansion strategy for the network and produced a systemization of all aspects of the cancer practice to enable a “franchise” model while also dramatically improving care.

I think the strongest comment on the quality of the project is that no less than a dozen consultants have asked if there is a role they could have on this project or any other Health & Life Sciences project.
The project began as a three week, very small project and grew into a major engagement in the UK and led to a substantial project in the US as a product of the work.

It was meaningful to the client due to delivering realized and anticipated revenue growth. It was been presented to the highest levels of client management and it also facilitated strong London relationships with world-class oncologists.

Team Notes

"We all have a shared passion for improving cancer care, and making a difference.”

“I learned a great deal about the room for improvement in patient care, even in high standard care centers with the best doctors and equipment out there. Helping deliver this is where we provided real value for the client and their patients.”

“I was mistaken for a consultant oncologist by another consultant oncologist for several moments until I explained that I was actually a management consultant and not the medical kind at all.”

“The Delta airlines check-in assistant at Nashville International Airport referred to me as her English Honeychild (much to my embarrassment – I blushed).”

“I’ve learned the value of seeding a culture of change at a client.  A lot of the deliverables on the project are excellent. But their long-term impact at the client will be a product of their ability to establish the right processes around them to embed them in the organization. I think they have a bright future and I'm proud to say I helped to put them on that path.”

“I learned about the power of bringing very different skills together – world class medical personnel, commercial leadership, operational whizzes who just make things happen – all united by a common goal of doing something valuable for everyone – delivering better cancer care.”

Who Knew?
300 men in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Team attended an England vs. India cricket match at Lord’s – the premier cricket ground in England.